Wednesday, January 27, 2010

melintas desa is coming soon!!!!!

melintas desa is coming soon ya!!!! all members please prepare for that ya~XD

Monday, September 14, 2009


tomorrow's 'aktiviti'(14/9/2009) will cancel,
due to all teacher penasihat will no free,
im feel apologize to all members~
we will change the 'aktiviti' to this friday(18/9/2009)
we will start at 8.00a.m. with paint the bilik sukan,clean the renga's store,
i hope all male members and some female members can come help us...
hope you all will come to school~^^
who interest to help us can contact me with my MSN~

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Blog Of Lembaga Pengawas Sukan

This blog is create for all Pengawas Sukan,
every '
aktiviti' information will post on here,
if you wan know about the information you can get it from here,
due to now is the legend of the Internet,
i hope you all can get update by yourself,
hope you all enjoy it~^^
The coming up '
aktiviti' is~
next tuesday(15/9/2009)
i will stay back with others top 5 ajk of 2010 for paint...=.="
if you all got any question about your new jobs,
you can ask us in that time....
or you can ask me by MSN,
my e-mail is
welcome for all pengawas sukan to add it~
~enjoy your school life with L.P.S.~


i'm the new pengurusi of 2010,
my name is '
nice to meet you all~
in the coming soon of the year of 2010,
i think will many problem and '
aktiviti' waiting we go settle down,
i hope we can always remind a word!!!
the word call~'
This word is i knew it from my first year of the pengawas sukan(2006),
that year pengurusi call '
he is a very responsible person,
he is my first '
2006 till 2008 i still can saw him help the pengurusi of the year,
dun know he will come back to help us anot...XD
if a club or lembaga didn't have the team wok,
i think many problem will cant settle down,
for instance,
the '
aktiviti of sukan and melintas desa'
many dokumen-dokumen need to prepare by L.P.S
if just only pengurusi or setiausaha do it,
i think we work down to dusk cant done in at 1 week also,
im hope i can have the helper like bonny,xin le,michelle,xiu ni,
they all is the most perfect helper of the pengawas sukan of 2009,
im be jealous of 'tiong lim'the pengurusi of 2009,
he have many great helper to helping him prepare all dokumen,
he no need worried about that,
he is lucky....
bonny they all is the good 'role model' of all pengawas sukan,
their essence just got one,
that's '
i hope we can work together by a happy moment,
and ALL things can be discuss also,
i hope any member's or ajk can take out the matter to discuss,
hope you all got a funny and happy life of pengawas sukan!!!
last but not least,
i wish the all pengawas sukan of form 5 and form 3,
can have a flying colours result on the SPM and PMR examination,